So… I’m trying something new. I’m trying Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It’s voice-recognition software that allows me to dictate my e-mails, my documents, even spreadsheets. Anything that I would normally type, I’m able to crank out vocally. Of course, “crank” appears very optimistic at this stage in the game.

There seems to be a learning curve on this program. Although it is writing out everything I say as I say it, it wants to write out all the correction commands I’m making. Surely this isn’t my fault. Surely it’s because the program hasn’t figured out the way I speak, and not the fact that I haven’t learned how the program works – with its specific commands for its specific functions. Surely that’s it. Right?


At this point, it would be easier to just type this thing out, mumbling “what’s all the fuss about?” My life would be much easier if I threw up my hands and said “why bother?” But, I’m not in the business of easy. I’m in the business of telling people to try new things, to challenge themselves. I’m in the business of teaching people to dance outside their Comfort Zone. That includes me.

You see, I’m people, too.

Even now as I play with this software, I am learning how to do it. True, I am learning slowly, but I am learning nonetheless. Even so, there is still so much that I have to learn, and it is very frustrating. But, I will keep plugging away until I get it… Or I grow bored.

We’ll see which happens first.

I have written this entire blog via Dragon NaturallySpeaking (not including certain corrected bits and parts edited in later). It has taken me at least three times as long to complete (I’m guessing; it’s probably longer). However, my hands have only touched the keyboard when it was absolutely necessary. Even now my fingers are laced behind my head and I am leaning back resting.  As I speak, it “writes.” I could get used to this.

But, I’ve got to learn to use it first.

There are a lot of new things I have been working on lately, and especially so if you take into account all I’ve accomplished over this past year. Yet, the more I learn, the more I discover I have so much left to learn. But, I will keep plugging away until I get it…

Or I grow bored.  (Bazinga!)

So, what does all this have to do with you – this long apparent advertisement for my new “toy”? Mucho or nada (I’ve begun learning Spanish again as well) – it all depends on how you take it. All I’m doing is sharing my experiences with you, hoping that you will see something in them that helps you move forward. As always, I challenge you to find new things. To stretch yourself in new ways. Things that make you think. Things that push you up off your couch, out of your cave, and back into the sunshine. Things that will keep you fresh and new as these very things you are trying.

My mother learned to surf the Internet at 80. True she was drawn to all the knitting sites and her e-mails were only sent to her younger friends (60s or so). But, by teaching herself this, she taught me that you are never too old to learn something new, something fresh. And, that there is nothing, nothing meant only for the young.

Only for the young at heart.

So, go out there and find your new thing. Try yoga if you need to stretch your body, or learn a new computer software if you need to stretch your mind (and test your patience). Something that will further you as a person, that will bring you closer to your dream. Something that you need, something that you want, or even something that catches your fancy, but find it you must. I challenge you. True, it will not be easy at first, but the rewards and self-satisfaction will be immeasurable.

And… You won’t grow bored.