Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia in June for the Mordant World Meet-up at the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore, Mordant discusses Leveling Up Your Life.

Here are the highlights:

• The brain can’t tell the difference between what you see and what you think
o Dreaming is like you’re really doing it. The same with movies
• WOW point:
o “If you’re not being creative in your own world, you’re not leveling up your life.” ~Mordant~
• Hope discusses how in a class she was teaching, participants were disinclined to give up ½ hour of nightly 3-hour television for some health-related activity or exercise
The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor
Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy
• Artful Procrastination
Why Real Women Drink Straight Tequila—The Tao of Intimacy by Sarina Stone and Mordant, yo!
• If you’re good at giving advice, and not so good at receiving, listen when you give.
o We teach what we most want/need to learn
o Ask yourself what advice would you give to a friend going through a similar situation
• Hope discusses her difficulty with addressing her problems…even as she is beginning to coach others
• Hardship is training for the next level of your life; it is there to help you grow
• What do you do when you’re “Not Ready to Deal With It”?
• About Therapy and Therapists
What the BLEEP Do We Know?!
• About Quantum Physics and how all Time happens at once
o The person you will be is looking back at you, guiding you and encouraging you to overcome your hardships in so that you might learn and grow into the best Y-O-U possible
• Big Problems mean you’re a Big Deal
• Mordant’s “Big Problem”:
o Motivational Speaking…or…Mordant outside his Comfort Zone
• A Video Game Analogy: What makes these games the most fun, what makes the victory the sweetest, is the difficulty of the tasks they set before you at each level
• It’s all about Perception: “If you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right.” ~Henry Ford~
• Retraining your desires/habits—learning to enjoy problems, not hate them
o “Problems aren’t bad; problems are good.” ~David Powell~
• Celeste discusses her roadblocks with getting back to Historical Restoration/Preservation
• There will never be enough time to _________ (that thing you claim you want to do); You have to Create a Space for it
Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk
• Arin discusses pursuing his dream with his Fencing School and teaching Historical Fencing
• It’s not about What do you have to do to be successful; it’s about Who do you have to become
• Katie talks about how she has completely checked out of her life because she feels as if she cannot win at it anymore.
• A Warning for Creative People!!!
• Mordant discusses using drugs as a distraction when his mother died back in September of 2000
• When Life knocks you down, you’ are allowed to reel from the punch…but, you have to get back up again
Jack Canfield: Chicken Soup for the Soul & The Success Principles
• Looking at your problems from the perspective of whatever level you’re at: a Level 3 Person looking at a Level 5 Problem versus a Level 8 Person looking at the same problem
• Failure is our Friend
• “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” ~Thomas A. Edison~
The Dip by Seth Godin
• Why Mordant quit learning whip cracking tricks
• Quitting World of Warcraft
o Don’t Break the Seal
• Quitting Drinking
• Mordant’s adventures with Toastmasters
o Mordant’s “If You Could Be Anything….” practice speech
• Peter Stelzer & Marla Finn of the Phoenix Film Institute (Scottsdale, AZ On-Camera Acting Coaches)
• (Phoenix Film Institute)news P.F.I…. and dipping my feet into the motivational/public speaking pool

Honorable Mentions:

R. Mordant Mahon

R. Mordant Mahon

R. Mordant Mahon is a Podcast Awards nominated co-host of the comedic motivational talk show, Success Freaks. A serial vlogger & author whose mission statement is “help others be awesome,” Mordant spreads the social media “gospel” while daring others to dance outside their comfort zone. With over 3500 live comedy performances across North America, his passion for live broadcasting offers a visionary point of view at what social media could be.

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