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Prolific Living - Episode 80

Prolific Living – Episode 80: Subtle Ways to Deal with Fear with Mordant Mahon

R. Mordant Mahon was interviewed at NMX by Farnoosh Brock, founder of Prolific Living for Episode #80. “Welcome to Episode #80 of The Daily Interaction Show. In this Interactive Interview...

TOSOL on WREK 91.1 Tech Talk

TOSOL on WREK 91.1 Tech Talk

Mordant & McFall chat with DJ E-is-for-Energy and the Just Add Water Cats on Georgia Tech’s WREK 91.1 show Tech Talk about The Other Side of LIVE!, the No Agenda Stream, podcasting &...

Welcome 2 My Mordant World

Welcome to—gateway to all things Possible. Whether your journey takes you Beyond the Horizon or just Outside your Comfort Zone, these pages will put you in touch with getting...

Georgia Mordant World Meet-up 2011 Leveling Up Your Life

Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia in June for the Mordant World Meet-up at the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore, Mordant discusses Leveling Up Your Life. Here are the highlights: • The brain...

Learning a New Thing from a Dragon Speaking…Naturally

So… I’m trying something new. I’m trying Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It’s voice-recognition software that allows me to dictate my e-mails, my documents, even spreadsheets. Anything that I would normally type, I’m...

Welcome To My Mordant Website

Welcome to my new website.  This is the part where I’m supposed to say something brilliant about how much fun I’ve been having bringing this to you and what a joy it’s...

Outside My Comfort Zone

Here I was, cresting the wave of this high I’ve been on lately. Smooth sailing all the way, with nothing but the open seas before me. When all of the sudden I run smack-dab into the wall that is my Comfort Zone. Actually, I’m not much of a boating person; this is only a metaphor. The wall? That’s a metaphor, too. My Comfort Zone, however, and me needing to be on the outside? That’s all too real. What actually constitutes a “Comfort Zone”?

Call Me Mordant

There’s been some confusion of late, as to what you should call me. You’ve seen or heard me throw out the names “Mordant,” and “Raphael,” and “Riki”—and perhaps a couple others tossed here and there into the mix. What’s up with that?! What should you call me and where do all these names come from anyway?

Why Real Women Drink Straight Tequila (in response to my book title)

The question keeps coming up: Why do real women drink straight tequila? Tequila is an opiate, a party-hearty painkiller for the working class stiff in all of us. Sure, you can pretty it up a bit by drinking the high-end brands or slinging it to and from crystal containers…but in the end, it’s still tequila. Gut-wrenching, mind-numbing, eye-crossing tequila. So, why would a woman, real or otherwise, want to throw a splash of this vile nectar past her luscious lips?

Welcome To My Mordant World

Welcome to my Mordant World! Sooo…if there were a theme to my wannabe blog, it would have to be…have hope. I’m not talking about the kind of hope where you sit back and wish for good things to happen to you. No, I’m a firm believer in imagining what you can do, then doing something about it. Yes, you should dream dreams.