Emily Gergen

Mordant converses with singer/songwriter Emily Gergen about traversing the crossroads and taking advantage of new performance opportunities in her life.

Jennifer Jordan

Mordant chats with author Jennifer Jordan about her anthologies and her process in creating multi-dimensional, memorable characters. Topics covered are writing, crime stories, serial killers, and Batman.

Suzette Guthrie

Mordant cuts up with videographer and on-air talent Suzette Guthrie in this very first Mordant World video podcast.

Sarina Stone

Mordant enjoys a conversation with his co-author of Why Real Women Drink Straight Tequila—The Tao of Intimacy, Sarina Stone.

Mark Sly

Corporate suit turned musician Mark Sly regales Mordant with his life-changing experiences, beginning with his adventure at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001.

Melissa, Michelle, & Lisa – The Fabulous LaBellas

Mordant enjoys the melodic singsong of the LaBella sisters

Frank DeFeo

Mordant converses with Frank DeFeo about going from a dealership service manager to Croftgate USA’s National Sales Director.

Dr. Sarah Cutler

Mordant chats with Dr. Sarah Cutler

John Davis

Mordant enjoys a heart to heart with speaker, teacher, healer John Davis, aka John of Peniel.

Brent Walker & Suzu Tran

Mordant chats with photographer Brent Walker from Lucky Pinup Photography & his partner/artistic director Suzu Tran. Topics covered range from tasteful eroticism to his and Mordant’s former drug use. All this under the umbrella of chasing your dreams.

Rhonni Dubose & Kelly Cochran

Shortly after recording our podcast, I get Rhonni DuBose of and Kelly Cochran of to join in on my daily (so far) vlog.

Big C

I sit down with Big C deep inside the Bears Den to try out my new audio legs. We talk about the life love and adventure.