John Davis

Mordant enjoys a heart to heart with speaker, teacher, healer John Davis, aka John of Peniel.

Brent Walker & Suzu Tran

Mordant chats with photographer Brent Walker from Lucky Pinup Photography & his partner/artistic director Suzu Tran. Topics covered range from tasteful eroticism to his and Mordant’s former drug use. All this under the umbrella of chasing your dreams.

Put Love 1st

Put love first. When you concentrate on your job, you succeed. When you invest time learning about a career skill, your favorite sports team, even more about your friends, you become an expert in those fields. What about the Arena of Love?

Call Me Mordant

There’s been some confusion of late, as to what you should call me. You’ve seen or heard me throw out the names “Mordant,” and “Raphael,” and “Riki”—and perhaps a couple others tossed here and there into the mix. What’s up with that?! What should you call me and where do all these names come from anyway?

Open The Door For Her

We live in a society that vacillates between whether or not it is okay for men behave as gentlemen and women to act and expect to be treated like ladies.... Get into the practice of opening the car door for her—even if she’s driving. Not just for her in specific, but all hers.

Why Real Women Drink Straight Tequila (in response to my book title)

The question keeps coming up: Why do real women drink straight tequila? Tequila is an opiate, a party-hearty painkiller for the working class stiff in all of us. Sure, you can pretty it up a bit by drinking the high-end brands or slinging it to and from crystal containers…but in the end, it’s still tequila. Gut-wrenching, mind-numbing, eye-crossing tequila. So, why would a woman, real or otherwise, want to throw a splash of this vile nectar past her luscious lips?

Dating As Couples – Why Do It?

Every time I bring up the subject of dating to my married and coupled friends, I get blank stares and we’re-out-of-that-game attitude. Dating is something you should do your entire life. In other words, it’s not just for singles any more.

Welcome To My Mordant World

Welcome to my Mordant World! Sooo…if there were a theme to my wannabe blog, it would have to be…have hope. I’m not talking about the kind of hope where you sit back and wish for good things to happen to you. No, I’m a firm believer in imagining what you can do, then doing something about it. Yes, you should dream dreams.

Rhonni Dubose & Kelly Cochran

Shortly after recording our podcast, I get Rhonni DuBose of and Kelly Cochran of to join in on my daily (so far) vlog.

Big C

I sit down with Big C deep inside the Bears Den to try out my new audio legs. We talk about the life love and adventure.